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Helping cities and organizations, unite around problems and issues that can only be resolved through community.

This is What we do

We are a social design studio and production house that utilizes arts, media, entertainment and business to transform the future of communities in metropolitan cities through powerful storytelling. 

The goal of New Metropolitan’s work is to create content that transforms the way people think about social issues and incite a level of importance in making a change. We look for potential clients that are ready to harness their passion, take action and redefine what their purpose looks like in combination with making a difference. The way that we create original, and innovative content is through our five-movement process that incites three feelings in our audience:

Heart towards empathy | Mind towards transformation | Feet towards action

Our intention in all the work that we do is to do it for the greater good, as altruism is always at the forefront of our minds. Even with all the talent that our team possesses, it’s the passion that is remembered by all our clients and truly makes our work stand out. It is our priority with every project to deliver the main message to the proper audience, while not losing the heart and authentic essence of the story.

About Us

Delivering exceptional services to our valued clients

We are dedicated to providing the best work to all our clients. Our staff have professional experience in production, cinematography, and business in order to effectively collaborate on many different projects.

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Passion is what drives us

We're not just determined about doing great work. We also love doing it

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